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   3-Station Swing Set - Earth
   Climb & Slide Playset - Earth
   Clubhouse Swing Set - Primary
   Clubhouse Swing Set - Earth
   Adventure Tower Playset
   Monkey Bar Swing Set - Primary
   Monkey Bar Swing Set - Earth
   Bucket Swing Seat - Yellow
   Bucket Swing Seat - Green
   Ace Flyer Teeter-Totter - Primary
   Ace Flyer Teeter-Totter - Earthtone
   Dome Climber - Primary
   Dome Climber - Earthtone
   10' Sit-On-Top Tandem Kayak
   10' Sport Fisher Kayak
   8' Sit-On-Top Daylight Kayak
   6' Youth Wave Junior Kayak Blue
   6' Youth Wave Junior Kayak Pink
   54" In-Ground Basketball Hoop
   50" Portable Basketball Hoop
   52" Portable Basketball Hoop
   54" Portable Basketball Hoop
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Customer Reviews

"We love our Lifetime clubhouse and the kids could not be happier with their new fortress. Putting this thing up in our backyard was a big project which took about 4 of us to construct. The more people to help with this process, the faster it will go. Once it was up, we knew we made the right choice. It is extremely durable. My husband being the little kid he is, tested it out successfully without anything budging. These are much better built than a cheaper model you’d find at Wal-Mart and safety is the key when purchasing these Playsets"

"My kids love their clubhouse and it’s nice to know that they don’t get bored with it. We were looking at other models, and this one just seemed to have so much for the kids to do and explore. We like the fact that the colors aren’t obnoxiously bright which makes it lovely with our backyard setting."

"We bought a stand alone slide from Lifetime Swingets to use with our pool. It is so heavy-duty and we were very impressed with how sturdy it is and the fact that it doesn’t move around at all while sitting on concrete."











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