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   3-Station Swing Set - Earth
   Climb & Slide Playset - Earth
   Clubhouse Swing Set - Primary
   Clubhouse Swing Set - Earth
   Adventure Tower Playset
   Monkey Bar Swing Set - Primary
   Monkey Bar Swing Set - Earth
   Bucket Swing Seat - Yellow
   Bucket Swing Seat - Green
   Ace Flyer Teeter-Totter - Primary
   Ace Flyer Teeter-Totter - Earthtone
   Dome Climber - Primary
   Dome Climber - Earthtone
   10' Sit-On-Top Tandem Kayak
   10' Sport Fisher Kayak
   8' Sit-On-Top Daylight Kayak
   6' Youth Wave Junior Kayak Blue
   6' Youth Wave Junior Kayak Pink
   54" In-Ground Basketball Hoop
   50" Portable Basketball Hoop
   52" Portable Basketball Hoop
   54" Portable Basketball Hoop
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Lifetime Shed Low Price

100% Money Back Guarantee

Super Swingsets is the leading source for your backyard playground needs with a great selection, free shipping, no sales tax* and always the lowest price guaranteed!

You know that Swing Set or Playset you've been wanting for your kids? Now's the time. Super Swingsets offers the greatest selection and lowest prices on your Lifetime Swingset and Lifetime Playset. Picture your backyard with a high quality monkey bar, teeter totter, dome climber, clubhouse or one of our many heavy duty swingsets. Having confidence in your purchase knowing your kids are playing on the safest and most durable playground equipment that will give you years of fun with no maintenance needed. This is why they are rated highest year after year in all swingset reviews.

Don't stop there, check out our selection of Lifetime Basketball Hoops for even more ways to keep your kids active. From a small playset to a commercial swing set, Super Swingset has exactly what you're looking for.


Lifetime A-Frame Swingset
(Primary Color)

Lifetime A-Frame Swing Set

Childhood memories are made in your own backyard—start with a Heavy Duty Monkey Bar Swing Set!
Just Error

Lifetime Heavy Duty
Metal Playset w/Clubhouse

Lifetime Compost Tumbler

Are your kids ready for a big swing set? This is it!
Backyard fun for
years to come.
Just $1,649.99

Lifetime Adventure Tower Playset
Lifetime Adventure Tower Playset

Kids can’t resist the Lifetime Adventure Tower Playset! Hours of entertainment in the convenience of your own backyard.
Just $1,749.99

Earthtone Heavy Duty Metal Playset with Club House
Lifetime Outdoor Glider Bench

Lifetime’s good-looking Big Stuff Adventure set takes just a couple hours to set up, but provides kids with many years of safe outdoor fun.
Just $1,749.99

Lifetime Primary
Dome Climber

Lifetime Yard Cart 2-Way Dumping Wheelbarrow & Trailer

If your kids want something different than the swing sets that all of their friends have, they'll love this colorful Dome Climber.
Just $239.99

Earthtone Dome Climber

Lifetime Compost Tumbler

The 5 ft. tall and 10 ft. wide Dome Climber features real rock climbing hand grips and powder-coated steel construction.
Just $239.99

Lifetime Earthtone
Ace-Flyer Teeter-Totter

Lifetime Outdoor Glider Bench

The Ace Flyer features a double teeter-totter, spinning propeller, interactive dashboard, and can hold up to seven kids at once.
Just $339.99


Lifetime Dome Climber
Play Gym
Lifetime Heavy Duty
Metal Playset w/Clubhouse
Lifetime Shed Reviews Swing Set Reviews

"We bought this [Lifetime Heavy Duty Metal Playset] set for our 6 and 8 yr. old kids, they love it. It took about 6 hrs. to assemble. The instructions were easy to read and the parts were easy to identify and find. I would highly recommend this play set to anyone."

Posted: 5/30/09

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